The New Hotel

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Date: 09 July 2016

Some time before 1902 the hotel was purchased by Daniel and Michael Mulcahy. The Mulcahy brothers were born in Tipperary, Ireland and came to Australia in the early 1860’s. Starting in Queensland, they were originally pastoralists that obtained some hotel interests. Later coming to Western Australia for the gold rush, they enjoyed great success prospecting. They acquired and built a number of prominent hotels in Western Australia including The Royal George in East Fremantle, The Commercial Hotel and The Terminus Hotel in Fremantle. They owned a lot of pastoral land in WA including the massive Milly Milly cattle station in the Murchison with some 1.5 million acres. The brothers were active in charitable efforts and had a great passion for any Irish causes. They were also well regarded in sporting circles, owning several prized race horses.

In 1902, they employed local architect Mr Louis Pearce to design a new National Hotel. The new hotel was to contain bars, between fifty to sixty rooms and fitted with what was then state-of-the-art facilities.